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We have lots of resources and tools for builders, designers and homeowners when it comes to bringing more technology into your home. 

YouTube Channel

Watch Product Review & How To Videos

Get real-world applications and feedback on smart technologies and their uses in homes.


Measure Twice Cut Once 



Follow along with our Process and products 

Read articles and blogs on product reviews, best practices and so much more. 

Three Steps To Saving Money

1.) Fill out the form

  • Most Smart Home Budgets are 5-10% of the construction or renovation cost.

2.) Our Team will connect with you to view you plans and your budget

  • This call will answer any questions you have and you will have all the information you need to make the right decision for you.


3.) Move ahead with confidence

  • By planning ahead you will save money, and have confidence in your decisions. 

  • Save money, and reduce stress by having a plan.​

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