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Three Steps To Saving Money

1.) Fill out the form.

  • Most Smart Home Budgets are 5 – 10% of the construction or renovation cost.

2.) Our Team will connect with you to view you plans and your budget.

  • This call will answer any questions you have and you will have all the information you need to make the right decision for you.


3.) Move ahead with confidence.

  • By planning ahead you will save money, and have confidence in your decisions. 

  • Save money, and reduce stress by having a plan.​

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AI Technology and Design can help you plan for your future smart home, whether a new build or a renovation.

From security cameras to intelligent stoves, fridges, vacuums and sound systems.

The team at AI Tech Design has decades of experience; we have developed the connections, relationships, knowledge, and expertise to bring the technology in your next design or build to live!​

Fill out the form and receive a professional budget review.

Start your home automation planning today.

After taking the second step, you will receive a month-by-month, item-by-item project plan and schedule.

Your custom plan will show how your home automation budget can go further.

*AI Tech Design will never share, sell or give away your information.

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Step 1
I also want:

*AI Tech Design will never share, sell or give away your information.

Our team will connect with you soon

We Work With the Very Best


Our Core Values

We practice what we preach

We help people:

We create the highest quality solution for any budget, in every

We care about people:

Everything we do is done with integrity and respect. We follow the golden rule.

We are your partners:

We are driven by the spirit of collaboration and teamwork. 
Our success is a result of helping you achieve great results.

We work for you:

As a Client we are accountable to you and your customers.

Nobody else.

We listen to you:

Our goal is to create a solution for you based on your needs.

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