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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of technology are we talking about here?
    Pretty much all the technology in the home! Smart homes, Home Theatres, lighting, automated shades, sound systems, security, video doorbells, internet, robot vacuums and much more. Let’s talk about the technology in your home and what it could do for you!
  • Do you sell and install technology? What's the deal?
    We do not sell anything which is how we save you so much money. If we sold equipment, we would be focussed on profit margins and commissions. If we installed it, we would be chasing billable hours. Instead, we help you figure out what you really need (not what makes the salesperson the most commission) and then help you find great companies to compete for your business.
  • It feels like technology changes a lot, and quickly. How do you ensure that my system won’t be obsolete in a few years?"
    Technology absolutely changes quickly but since it is all we do, we follow new and emerging solutions very closely and work with top brands to plan for where technology is going, not where it is right now. Our solutions are software based, which means they are upgradable. We also design our wiring to be future proof so your home will continue to grow and evolve for years to come.
  • How do you figure out the price of stuff if you don’t sell it?
    We have relationships with the top brands and professionals in the consumer electronics industry. We leverage those relationships to get insider access to pricing and new technology coming down the pipeline. All of our designs are priced at manufacturer's list price or current market value – once our network of integrators and technology stores has bid on the quote the price almost always drops, often significantly. In fact, if it doesn't it will refund your money! Let’s talk about your home and we can help you figure out the right budget for the experience you want!
  • We have started looking at options/quotes from traditional integrators and electronics stores. They are confusing and seem expensive, can you help?"
    Absolutely! Just book a free consultation and we can review your quote with you. We will let you know if we think we can help you save money. Some of our clients have seen significant savings vs dealing directly with a technology integrator or electronics store.
  • Who do you work with?
    We work with award winning builders, designers, and architects. We also work with homeowners and business owners to ensure that they too are getting reliable information to support them as they build or renovate their homes. The playing field has been leveled: think of us as your own personal technology consultant! Just tell us what you want to do, and we will figure out the rest! You get the benefit of decades of experience without any sales stuff, hard closes, complicated lists of part numbers or an arbitrary price. Let’s talk about how we can work with you!
  • What about if I already have a system in my home?  Can you help me if I don’t like how it works?
    Absolutely. Some of the systems in homes now were created prior to newer technology options being available and some were not well designed to begin with. We can help you figure out what you already have in place (why buy new equipment when you don’t have to...said no commissioned salesperson ever) and help you add the right pieces to turn it into the amazing experience you should expect in your home! Let’s talk about your system now and what you wish it could be!
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