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 Work With An Award Winning Technology Designer 
Save Time & Money 

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CHBA National 
Awards For Housing

2022 CHBA National Awards for Housing: Best Detached Custom Home 2,000 to 3,000 square feet

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Havan Award Winner

2021 Havan Award Winner: Excellence in Building Science Innovation in Residential Construction

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Member of the Year - HAVAN

2021 Member of the Year - HAVAN (Vancouver Homebuilders Assocation)

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RoofTopper Award - HAVAN

2021 RoofTopper Award - HAVAN

Home Office
We Providing Solutions and Information

Homeowners need someone who is knowledgeable and neutral. 

We create solutions and the planning of your home technology budget, while working with the latest and best brands for the job. (SONOS, Beats by Dre, Skull Candy, Polk Audio, Onkyo, Monster Cable, Logitech, Screen Innovations, Mitsubishi, Sanus, Ultimate Ears, Allsop , Linn, Parasound, Tannoy, PMC, Sennheiser, Integra, MB Quart)

We are not motivated by commission. Either you get great savings or you get the value of our services at no cost to you!  Win win!

Save Money, 

Have our team shop your design and gather bids.

We guarantee you will save at least the value of the cost of the design.  If not, we will refund you the purchase price of your design. 

Either you get great savings or you get the value of our services at no cost to you!  Win win!

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We Win Awards For Helping People 

We help people:

By creating the highest quality solution for any budget, in every

We care about people:

Everything we do is done with integrity and respect. We follow the golden rule.

We are your partners:

We are driven by the spirit of collaboration and teamwork. 
Our success is a result of helping you achieve great results.

We work for you:

As a Client we are accountable to you and your customers.

Nobody else.

We listen to you:

Our goal is to create a solution for you based on your needs.

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We Work With the Very Best

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