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Builders, Designers Architects Use AI 

For developers who want to build with  smart home technology and need an experienced partner.


We Work With The Top Architects, Builders and Designers

We design technology solutions from the ground up. Future-proofing means designing with the latest technology in a mindful way so that clients are not limited in the future

Designing Technology Solutions From The Ground Up.

Future proofing means designing with the latest technology in a mindful way so that clients are not limited in the future

Review the space

Review the space and how best to accommodate smart lights, smart speakers, and other smart home devices.

Review all options

Review all options like home security systems, energy efficiency and homeowner peace of mind systems.

Develop a connection plan

After a consultation with us, you and your design team will have a clear understanding of how the technology plan for the house will be implemented in a way that works for you and your customer!

Electrical Worker

How We Execute The Plan

Once we have a technology solution, we work directly with you to ensure professional installation and that everyone is on the same page regarding the process.

We detail:


What components or systems need to be installed


The phase during the construction process for each component installation


Any potential issues that can't be addressed prior to installation

The Goal

We strive towards a standardized process to match the rest of the construction industry.  Our competitive bidding process lowers costs for everyone involved and gets multiple companies competing for your business!

Building and design professionals need a clear understanding of the role and timing of the smart home technology installation - we give you that and more!

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

How We Help Reduce Costs

badge-save-money-clearbg (1).png

In order to allocate the necessary budget and to ensure everything in the home is done properly, we help find all the components needed. In the same way that the rest of the home building industry works, we use a bid and tender model when determining suppliers. 

Our Process includes
  • Request for proposals from at least three different suppliers

  • Review the bids with the key stakeholders, align on the best option

  • Accept the selected bid for the project

We make sure everyone understands the costs and knows that they are getting the best price possible. 
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