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How Do You Properly Integrate Technology Into Design?

There is no escaping technology in today's modern, energy-efficient homes! We help you design for technology, save money, and get your clients exactly what they want at a fair price. 

Learn How We Can Help You

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The Design Matters

Technology is a part of every modern home but it should NOT impact the integrity of your vision for the home! We work with designers to help ensure that the technology their clients want blends into the space they designed elegantly.

Review and understand YOUR vision for the space

Review the space and how best to accommodate intelligent lights, smart speakers, and other smart home devices—at the same time, think about the aesthetic look and feel. 


Once we are clear on your vision and expectations, we work with your clients (as part of your team) to develop a plan. We then review this plan with you and your team to ensure all parties are aligned.

Develop a connection plan

We work with you and your client plus their builder to make sure the technology part of the design is properly executed. We are part of the process from design to completion.


We Work With The Top Architects, Builders, and Designers

We design technology solutions from the ground up. Future-proofing means designing with the latest technology in a mindful way so that clients are not limited in the future

Electrical Worker

How We Execute

You can expect 3 things working with us to ensure that everybody gets what they want while collaborating for the highest quality finished product!


What technology is required + an open-ended wiring plan


A budget and timeline for the project


We work with the designer, builder, and homeowner throughout the entire process

The Goal

Making technology integration into the design and build process as simple and easy as possible. 

We help Reduce the cost of adding Technology

badge-save-money-clearbg (1).png

Budget matters! We help you and your clients manage technology costs by helping manage the process. We are not sales-based. We work for you so we are equally concerned about scope creep as we are about the experience itself.

We do this by:
  • Not making technology decisions based on profit, margin, or a bottom line! You, your client, and the experience come first! 

  • Understanding which technology types work well together and have the highest customer happiness levels.

  • Leveraging our decades of relationships and connections in technology to advocate for you, your client, and the bottom line.

We help balance the experience and the bottom line!
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