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Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Why you want a nest:

There are a lot of reasons why video doorbells are so popular and why the Nest Hello video doorbell is a best seller. The one main reason is that the Nest Hello video doorbell replaces a whole bunch of tech that you may already be using.

The Ecosystem:

So let’s say you have a doorbell, and camera, you might even have an intercom system. The nice thing about the Nest Hello video doorbell is that it replaces all of those: the doorbell, camera, and intercom system, with a smaller, more convenient, easy-to-use package! The integrated app is straightforward to use and it enables you to create a seamless ecosystem with other Google products. The engineers at Google have gone out of their way to ensure the interface is intuitive and intelligent, making it easy to add additional devices like cameras, locks, and other home safety and security tech to keep your home and family safe.

Best Features

One of the best features of the Nest Hello video doorbell is the ability to easily answer your door from anywhere in the world. You could be in your bedroom, living room, or on a beach in Mexico. The app alerts you when someone is at the front door. The Nest Hello video doorbell allows you to see and talk to the person. Now, since that person can’t see you, they don’t know where you are. You could be in your backyard, or relaxing on a beach in Mexico. It works so well! It’s great tech for monitoring who's coming and going to your house without alerting them to where you might be.

Another fantastic feature is the Nest Hello video doorbell’s ability to recognize certain faces.

As an example, I could be in my office working and the doorbell recognizes my kids, so I know to unlock the front door, or just to be there to say hello to them. You can set up the doorbell to recognize people you know, and others you don’t.

Expand and Ease of use:

The flexibility of this ecosystem is also great because there are options for every type of home. Even if your home is from the 80s, you simply replace the old ding-dong doorbell with the Nest Hello video doorbell, and your smart home is set up. Super easy.

The Nest Hello video doorbell comes in a wired and battery option. So it's versatile and can fit any situation you have in your home.

Beautiful Design

The folks at Nest made an effort to not only make the video doorbell functional, but they made sure it also looks beautiful. The older versions of the Nest Hello video doorbell look great, but the new design is so clean and elegant. Its modern look comes in either white or ash black so it will fit into any home decor.

Additional Features of Eco-Systems

The great thing about the Nest Hello video doorbell is the fact that you can control so much tech from the easy-to-navigate app. Cameras, CO2 detectors, door locks, smart speakers, it all works seamlessly as an ecosystem for your smart home. Wherever you are, you are connected to your home through the very intuitive and intelligent Nest Hello app.

How Video Helps:

The introduction of video to a smart home has been a game changer. Who would have thought that in a very short time you would be able to see a live image of your home whenever you want? You now have an instant connection to your home at all times and can react and interact instantly. You can deal with any safety or security issues ensuring our home, and most importantly your family are safe.

Putting together your Ecosystem:

Google’s ecosystem of Nest products all works so well together. And the fact that you can instantly upgrade your home, any home, is a major plus. The app is the hub for every piece of Google’s smart home tech and they certainly figured out how to retrofit the older home and turn it into a smart home.


The one aspect of the Nest Hello video doorbell you need to understand is the whole wired and battery options.

The battery-powered version does not record long videos, and they are not as detailed as the wired version. The fact is, batteries don’t last forever, so although you can record video, it will only record who’s coming or going. So if you have a high-traffic area you’ll probably want to pick up the wired version of the Nest Hello video doorbell.

Whatever you decide on, you’ll still get a great experience from a great product that will take great care of your family.


Installation of the Nest Hello video doorbell is super easy. The first thing you're going to have to do is install the app and follow the prompts. It’s going to ask you to scan the OR code on the back of the device. Do that before you install the doorbell. If you don’t you’re going to have to take off the doorbell to scan the QR code. So don’t toss the instructions and go as it is your own. The instructions are there for a reason, so follow them and you’ll be fine. During set-up, you‘ll want to pay close attention to the app to ensure you correct the camera’s orientation and alignment.

It’s as easy as that! Even if you are new to this tech, as long as you can tell the difference between a black and white wire and can use a screwdriver, it will probably take you 10 to 15 minutes. It's super fast, super easy and away you go.

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