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Founded On Passion

Our founder, Mike Freedman has always been a passionate music lover and transformed his love of music, art, and technology into an unexpected but awesome career!


 Now retired from the rock-star life working with the world’s top technology companies, he is working to help as many people as possible experience the joy of music and technology in their own homes.  


Mike Freedman is the world’s ninth most interesting person, here’s why:


  • Former radio personality

  • Worked for 2 record labels

  • One of the founding fathers of SONOS Canada

  • A legend in the technology industry with over 2 decades of experience working for and with some of the most iconic brands in consumer electronics as well as pro equipment used for studios and concerts

  • Founder of Audio Insider - now known as AI Technology and Design

  • Worked in the homes and studios of top names in music, sports and acting 

  • Former bodyguard for some famous musicians (Want a hint?  One of them just played the Superbowl Halftime show) and many others

  • Co-host of Measure Twice, Cut Once Podcast from HAVAN, host of music show called Wedding Music, one of the hosts of a show about cycling: The RideCast


  • Lifestyle Brands: SONOS, Beats by Dre, Skull Candy, Polk Audio, Onkyo, Monster Cable, Logitech, Screen Innovations, Mitsubishi, Sanus, Ultimate Ears, Allsop + many others

  • High End Audio: Linn, Parasound, Tannoy, PMC, Sennheiser, Integra, MB Quart

The building and design industry didn’t need more people selling products (even a nice guy like Mike ).  It desperately needed someone providing solutions and information.  


Homeowners need someone who is knowledgeable and neutral. So that is why Mike Re-Branded to AI Designed Technology solutions and is now working to shift the way the building industry works with technology. 

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Our Core Values

We practice what we preach

We help people:

By creating the highest quality solution for any budget, in every

We care about people:

Everything we do is done with integrity and respect. We follow the golden rule.

We are your partners:

We are driven by the spirit of collaboration and teamwork. 
Our success is a result of helping you achieve great results.

We work for you:

As a Client we are accountable to you and your customers.

Nobody else.

We listen to you:

Our goal is to create a solution for you based on your needs.

How our Guaranteed Savings Promise Works

We create solutions and the planning of your home technology budget.  We have personal relationships with all the top integrators biggest brands in technology in the world. We price our designs based manufacturers suggested list price or at current market value where applicable.


We don’t sell anything. We are not motivated by commission.

When you elect to have our team shop your design and gather 3 bids or you shop our design with your own service providers.


We guarantee that you will save at least the value of the cost of the design.  If not, we will refund you the purchase price of your design. 

Either you get great savings or you get the value of our services at no cost to you!  Win win!

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We Work With the Very Best

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