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We Help You Create An Ai Smart Home

If you are thinking about building a new home, a renovation, or a technology upgrade.

On average we save our clients 10% or more.  Usually $6,000 or more per project!

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What Do You Want From Your Smart Home?

What Are My Options? 

You have a space and you have an idea about how you will spend your time there.  We help you talk to your home and your home listens to you. We want to hear all about you and how you plan to live in your home so we can help plan a solution that is perfect for you!

Are Smart Homes Expensive? 

We do something you won’t get from any other technology company: our access to local connections for the equipment your home needs. We have no interest in completing a sale, or hitting margins for specific products - but we will tell you what to buy and how to get it for the lowest price.

Can Different Kinds Of Devices Work Togther? 

We help our customers figure out how they want to talk to their homes. We know the right brands and product solutions to help make your technology dream come true. AI helps you make all of your technology work together while giving you peace of mind. 


Smart thermostats and air conditioning, doorbell cameras, robot vacuums, smart plugs, voice control, and home security systems are just a few of the home technology tools available. We will walk you through all these and more.  All we care about is finding the right technology for the space you are going to be living in.  


Are You Looking To Automate Your Home?

Exploring smart home options. We inform and guide you through the process


Review the space and how best to accommodate smart lights, smart speakers, and other smart home devices.


What components or systems need to be installed


Request for proposals from at least three different suppliers

At the end of the process, we make sure everyone understands the costs and knows that they are getting the best price possible. 

In order to allocate the necessary budget and to ensure everything in the home is done properly, we help find all the components needed. In the same way that the rest of the home building industry works, we use a bid and tender model when determining suppliers. 

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Looking For A Professional
Builder, Architect, or Designer?

If you're looking into upgrading or buying a new home and automating it. You might also need some other industry professionals.
Here are some of the amazing companies we work with. 

Our Podcast

Expand your knowledge toolkit by reading from the most prominent experts

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

We Work With the Very Best

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