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We Help You and Your Clients Add Technology to Their Project

You don't have to be a technology expert, that's our job. We work with you and your clients to help ensure the highest quality experience at the lowest possible price!

On average we save our clients 10% or more.  Usually $6,000 or more per project!

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What Do You Want From Your Smart Home?

We want to be part of your team!

We take the technology portion of the project off of your list by working with your clients to manage the process, from start to finish. Save time while making it easy for your clients. Everyone gets what they want.

Budgets matter!

The cost of technology can start to add up if it's not properly managed. We not only help your clients create a great experience, we also help them understand the budget process and how to keep their costs lower versus working with an integrator directly.

It has to be Easy!

By creating an open prewire plan, your clients can enjoy the highest quality technology experience now and years from now. Homes designed by AI are future-proof and designed to be easy to talk to, use, and upgrade as needs change. We have personal relationships with all top technology brands to ensure it's easy now and in the future!


3 Ways We Make It Easier to Add Technology

You can expect 3 things working with us to ensure everybody gets what they want while collaborating for the highest quality finished results!


We work with YOUR clients as part of YOUR team to create a technology solution based on budget, experience, and ease of use.


Create a realistic budget everybody is comfortable with, manage the process, and reduce change work orders later to ensure everyone's bottom line!


We take it off of your list and ensure continuity from design to execution. We design using best-in-breed brands and bring in top tier integration partners to make it all work.

At the end of the process, we want your clients to love the space you have created. Every key stakeholder gets what is most important to them, including you.

We keep costs down because we are neither sales nor commission based. We work for you, advocate for your clients, and create our designs to ensure the highest possible technology experience!

We Have Tools To Help You. 

Expand your knowledge toolkit by using our resources page. We have a project planner questionnaire to help you price out a project, product reviews videos, and a podcast for home builders.  

We Work With the Very Best

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