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Save Money On Your Smart Home? 

We Teach you how to build the smart home of your dreams on any budget!  

Make Us Part Of Your Team- 

We will guide you through every step of creating your smart home, from picking the technology, installation and programming.  

What systems you need

The best home automation and technology solution is one designed based upon your specific needs. Doorbell cameras, crystal clear TVs, reliable wifi, beautiful sounding music, voice controlled everything, lighting, automated blinds, home security systems and smart thermostats are just a few of your options.


After talking to you about how you want to talk to your home, we will show you:


How they work together
How to get the lowest cost
How to automate your home

How they work together

the right combination of brands and solutions will give you the experience you want.

We care about finding the right technology for your space. We find the simplest way to get the best experience to meet your needs.

How to get the lowest cost

We get multiple companies competing for your business through our vast network of connections and our relationships.

When building a new home or renovating an existing home, home technology is the future. The role of TECHNOLOGY in the house is changing as building science evolves. Technology will play a huge role as we move towards a more energy-efficient home!

We worked for the top brands.

We work with the top brands.

We understand where technology is going.

We will help you get there.

Get total peace of mind and leverage our decades of experience.

 Fully integrate your future.

Home theatre

Are You Looking To Automate Your Home?

We inform and guide you through the process by showing you how to talk to your home and explore smart home options. 

Looking to Add Value to your Development Project?

We work with leading builders, developers, designers, architects and other professionals are part of their team. We help them with technology to bring the highest value to their clients.

We Work With the Very Best


Our Podcast Measure Twice Cut Once 

Technology is only a smart part of a successful project - join our founder Mike as he co-hosts a podcast from HAVAN

We Work With The Top  Professionals 

There are many options for home technology and automation systems for any budget - we will help you find them. Talk to us about how using AI can help future proof your smart home. 
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